Does Your Supply Chain Give You A Competitive Edge?

Your company has experienced success. You are clearly doing many things right. But with success comes complexity, greater responsibility, new challenges. Logistics is increasingly recognized as a vital arena of competition, a top-three cost for most companies, a place where your firm can gain - or lose - an edge. With that in mind, we have developed technology tools to help you drive supply chain improvement. Our solutions reduce cost and improve process. We can turn logistics operations from a headache into a strategic advantage.

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c-level executive
C-level Executive

As a “C-level Executive” you are ultimately responsible for the success of your organization. Your decisions affect a lot of people.  You are accountable to...

supply chain executive
Supply Chain Executive

We understand that supply chain executives today need good people in the right positions at the right time to deliver on the expectations of the customer. External...

Traffic-warehouse manager
Traffic / Warehouse Manager

At TOTALogistix, we cut our teeth in transportation. Shipping and receiving can be a wild roller coaster ride but it’s also...

Accounting Professional
Accounting Professional

We know auditing freight bills is one of your least favorite tasks. There are so many different vendors and no two bills look alike.  Combine that with...

IT Professional
IT Professional

The demands on your time are overwhelming. It can be frustrating that you are the only one in the company that understands systems end to end, because you...

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