As an Accounting Professional

Auditing freight bills is one of your least favorite tasks. There are so many different vendors and no two bills look alike.

Combine that with the sheer volume of bills and this puts an enormous strain on your workload. Since 1991 we have been working with our clients’ accounting departments to solve some of their toughest problems.  Given this experience we feel well qualified to address your needs. Our data management solutions take almost all this work off your desk.

Eliminate one more headache and let us pay the carriers for you. If you’d rather pay them yourself, that’s fine too. You choose.

An Institute of Management and Administration study puts the cost of processing a freight invoice at more than $11 per bill. Leveraging our services is a fraction of that. Relying on us to provide accurate information will give you peace of mind.


A/P made EZ!

Let us show you how we can simplify the process including automated GL code and eliminating keystrokes.

Here is how our data management process works:

Data Capture
Data Capture

The freight bills come to us and we digitize any paper invoices. Data capture of all pertinent field is done based on predefined business rules

Data Cleanup
Data Cleanup

Our data cleanup and audit process ensures accuracy of the invoice as well as the data itself

Business Rules
Business Rules

We can setup complex rules for automated GL coding, including but not limited to business units, locations, product families or even SKU level

Structured Output
Structured Output

The output from this process can be excel spreadsheets or ERP ready data files that can be uploaded to the accounting module, saving you keystrokes and ensuring accuracy

  • We handle all vendor inquiries regarding processing and payment of invoices
  • Clients appreciate our cloud based imaging and document retrieval system for freight invoices to assist them during audits

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  • Collect and Consolidate Data
  • Establish SC Goals
  • Evaluate Against Benchmarks
  • Identify Anomalies
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