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At TOTALogistix, we cut our teeth in transportation!

We know that shipping and receiving can be a wild roller coaster ride, but it is also where the rubber meets the road.

We also know that as a transportation manager, you deliver on everyone else’s promises. Day after day you get it done, but every year the burden gets greater. Our tools are designed to help you.

There is nothing wrong with being old school. That knowledge is incredibly valuable as long as being old school doesn’t mean obsolete. TOTALogistix empowers your organizational wisdom with new age technology. Improve process, save time and save money with every shipment. With our support, you will be seen as someone that is innovating and indispensable. Call us to get started.

Here are some of the tasks we have checked off for our clients:

  • You will be able to rate and route your orders automatically using our Transportation Management System, TOTALaccess
  • By using automated pickups you can avoid dialing for trucks and streamline the shipping process
  • You will be able to build consolidated loads and analyze the cost-benefit of a pool distribution, further increasing savings
  • Your system will track and trace shipments from pickup to delivery, providing status updates to customers as well as your Customer Service team, eliminating WISMO (where is my order) calls
  • The system will empower customer service to provide accurate quotes during order entry
  • You can now implement carrier performance evaluation metrics
  • We will help you with monitoring productivity and providing powerful reports to management

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